t was a sad day when the original owners were forced to walk away and a short time later Motosat went out of business!
The product was an awesome piece of equipment there are still thousands of them out there ! You do not need to throw
away your system it will mechanically work for a long time! The controllers still work if they do fail electronically you
can send them to
www.rfmogul.com and have it repaired! If the software itself fails you can purchase the RFMogul
Controller and continue to use your Motosat roof mount! If the day comes and your mount fails and no parts are available
you are already 1/2 way to a new system you can purchase the RFMogul mount and reprogram your RFMogul controller and
you are back up and running!

We have lots of parts and all the last software to help you with keeping your Motosat running !

We of course have the RFMogul parts to keep you running with a upgrade !

Controller Front 1DirecTV SWM Mount (a)