So your interested in a satellite system for your RV , There are several choices for you ! We reccomend you match your choice to how you use RV . What do we mean by that?
None of us uses our Rv the same ! We have full timers, part timers, snow birds, tailgaters and weekenders .
Some of us want HD some just want TV some want DTV some want Dish Network. There are dome dishes for the ground and roof there are popup dishes for the roof!
If Directv and dish network could use tiny little 10” dishes and give their customers satisfactory service don’t you think they would ? They would save millions of dollars ! There are smaller dome dishes that are available for satellite TV they are more sensitive to
Atmospheric conditions ! You can do Dish HD with these but not Directv HD! There are also dome dishes for permanent install on the roof of a RV they are also smaller dishes inside and are affected by atmospheric conditions.

If you travel and spend time everywhere you stop a ground dish that is manually setup is worth the time as long as you have the space to store it , if you like to stay in Walmarts, truck stops etc you do not want to setup a ground dish each night much less have to find a place to store it as you travel !

Both Directv and Dish network have multiple satellites dome dishes have to have the ability to move between these satellites in order to watch TV! This can be a issue when you want to have more than one receiver in your coach since both have to be on the same satellite to watch TV .
Popup roof mounted satellite systems when locked in receive all the channels when locked in , as a matter of fact they are the same exact dishes that are used at home! Directv HD can only be received on a popup dish or HD ground dish on a tripod !